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The Criminal Case is a puzzle-solving simulation game. If you enjoy solving mysteries, you can become a professional detective. There are unlimited time and energy to solve cases with the mod apk.
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Criminal Case Mod Apk

As a criminal, you must investigate various crimes to uncover the perpetrators and their motives. This quest game Criminal Case Mod Apk is part of the popular item-hunting series, but the makers have taken things a step further by making the game component unique. It’s your job to investigate the crime scene and gather the proof before using your findings in a court case or other legal proceedings. You’ll also be liable for searching for and examining suspects, witnesses, and victims of crime. As a result of your study, you’ll also be able to identify murder, theft, robbery, and other crimes. A criminal case revolves around money, cash, stars, clues, and energy, the five primary components. Any department can utilize some money to speed up any operation, and money is used to customize the character. When you finish a mission in a criminal case, you earn stars.

Criminal Case Apk Gameplay

A detective is what you play as in this game. Examine the crime scene for clues to help you solve various crimes. During the game, certain difficult situations require a lot of time to resolve. When solving a case quickly, your score will be higher. You can learn more about the victim and the assailant’s relationship by conducting an investigation. You can gather information about the crime scene by clicking on various items displayed on the screen. It’s also possible to link up with a fellow member of your squad to carry out an investigation. When you’ve finished your research, arrest the person you believe to be responsible. The case is presented in puzzle form, so you can arrange the pieces to understand the situation better. Your investigation and interrogation of suspects will reward you with currency in the form of stars.

Criminal Case Apk Features

Investigate a shady community
A number of crime cases remain unsolved in and around the city. Throughout the game, your role is that of a detective, and your goal is to solve each case quickly and effectively. Assist the police in solving crimes in a dismal and corrupt city.

Join a Group of People
You and your friends can play this game together, implying that you can be helped in any criminal case and that you can also help your friends resolve the issue. Join your pals and compete to be the best detective in your group and in the game.

3D graphics
The 3D graphics in the Criminal Case are enough to make detectives fall in love with the game.. In order to make the sport seem good, the visual description and effects have been meticulously thought out.

Nothing to pay for it
This version of Criminal Case could be a modified version that you can download for free. This game is available in the Apk format, and you may play it with no problem. Resolved issues of a technical nature

Exterminated bugs
There are a number of critical and small flaws presently being fixed in Criminal Case Mod Apk.

Criminal Case Apk Tips to play

Keep in mind to fuel up with potato chips and orange juice, for example. XP can’t be earned by using a lucky charm, either. To get experience quickly, the best method is to complete the 5 Star Scenes. Make sure that you always play a scene with five tips. You must collect your daily bonus for two days in a row to obtain Energy as a reward. In addition, performing an older scene will keep your multiplier higher. Take care not to touch something you shouldn’t accidentally. Your multiplier bar will be reset to 0 when you tap. As a result, proceed with caution.

Criminal Case Mod Apk

MOD APK for Criminal Case Become a member of the Grimsborough Police Department as you investigate a string of murders. Gather evidence, ask witnesses and search for clues at crime sites in the hope of apprehending the perpetrator. We want to know if you’ve got what it takes to be a detective.

Criminal Case Mod Features

Stars and Money Abundance
Infinite Resources and Energy
Resolved all of the challenges
Unrestricted shopping
Instant evaluation
Examine freely

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Criminal Case Mod Apk

Frequently asked question

Is the Criminal Case Mod Apk safe to use?
Yes! There are no viruses, worms, spyware, malware, or Trojans in Criminal Case Mod Apk, so you can rest assured that it’s virus-free. You’ll be able to transfer and install this game with no problems.

Do you think this game is little in terms of its physical dimensions?
No! The Criminal Case Mod Apk is not a lightweight game. To play this game without any issues, you’ll need at least 150 MB of free space on your smartphone.

Is it possible to transfer this modified version of the game from Google Play Store?
No! Because the Google Play Store does not carry modified versions of games and apps, you may not be able to move this modified version of the criminal case mod apk there. Apk files are the only format for this game to be downloaded without difficulty from the internet.


The Criminal Case is a puzzle-solving simulation game. If you enjoy solving mysteries, you can become a professional detective. There are unlimited time and energy to solve cases with the mod apk. Enjoy your favorite stuff with the Criminal Case mod apk. To play the game, you must examine each piece of evidence, look for witnesses, and if you’re lucky enough, interview the important killer. As an expert, you are needed in this dark and dangerous city. In the course of your research, you will often turn to advise to help you swiftly discover whatever you desire. Solve all of the town’s murders by becoming the town’s simplest detectives.

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